Gold Repair

Gold Repair:

All gold repairs are done in-house and allow for a 5 business day turnaround

*There is a minimum service charge of $10 for all minor repairs.

Gold Rings, Chains and other Precious Things:

Solders- $25 and up
Bracelet pin solders- $50 and up
Rope chain solders- $40 and up
Removing gold links- $30 and up

Ring Sizing
Yellow Gold- $60 and up
White Gold (including rhodium finish) - $80 and up
Rhodium Finish- $40
Re-tipping- $25 each claw
¼ Shank- 10kt $100             14kt $125        18kt $160
½ Shank- 10kt $150            14kt $180         18kt $225
Full Shank- 10kt $195         14kt $295         18kt $400
*Shank prices based on 3mm width.  

Other Services
Engraving- $20 and up *All engraving is done on site while you wait!*
Polishing- $10
Re-setting a Stone- $30 and up
Re-setting a Pearl- $20 and up
Re-stringing Pearl Necklaces- $45 and up
Appraisals- $80 and up


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